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Selesta in a Nutshell

Selesta Escort in Berlin

(For all those who are a bit too lazy to read, here are some quick essential details).

Age : Erm... About women of my age and experience people usually say : "That one has been around the block".

NOT quite right - I have been around many blocks and several times and with soooooo much pleasure that my head is still spinning fm all the memories.
In more simple words it means - 30+

Presence : Referring to myself I don't want to use the word which became lately way to fashionable in a paid companionship world : courtesan (hope I did spell it right?), or "perfect high-class Lady for discerning Gentlemen" etc etc.

Words which would fit me more are something like "life & love hungry adventurous woman who will never turn down an indecent proposal from an interesting man.

3 things I hate : Arrogance, Ignorance, Being patronized,When straight men wax their legs and ...Finding my photos and advertising texts stolen by other escorts :-(

Gifts : I absolutely love Lush soaps and bath products (www.lush.com), La Prairie, all kind of scented candles (www.yankee.de) (hazelnut and vanilla being my favorites), Buddha Bar CDs or hot Latin beats (think - Juanes)

Cuisine : Lebanese, Thai, Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, Indian, basically - as exotic as it can be. However, I would also not sit at the nice Italian place with only a glass of water. I love to try just about everything, ok, ok may be with the exception of fried spiders ;-)

Drinks : All of it. I don't discriminate in this department.

A few Things I love and could not live without :
Lazy summer vacations in Sweden
Escaping winter blues in Buenos Aires or Cape Town (...and now also the Dominican Republic)
Bubble bath
The rare breed of men who are romantic without being soapy and practical without being cynical

A few things I never stop wondering about :
Why so many really gorgeous women have such a low self esteem ?
When people will wake up fm their ignorance and realize that bad Karma, always, but always catches up with ones bad deeds ?
And WHY my mobile start ringing the moment I step into a shower??

Place I would love to discover next : Alaska!

Based in : In one of most comfortable, charismatic, diverse, interesting, green cities of Europe...in BERLIN.

So... if you are still more curious, please read more on the Home page.